Monday, January 11, 2010


Alright, so we are going to talk about the state of the World of Warcraft in relation to P.U.G.s today people. So sit the fuck up and listen to what ol' Rather is going to say, because I guarantee that it is going to be profound and perhaps deep. However, first I have to give some credit to my man over at Frost Is The New Black! I know I have said in the past that if I read one more blog about a bad PuG that I may have to hurt the blogger; however, my man in his post not only bitch slaps this PuG, but he fucking knocked the shit out of them! If you want to complain about PuGs and write about, then do what my guy here did and post some data to back up your claims and I will stand up and appalud you. Hell, I may need to see about hiring the choir from over at WTFspahetti to sing a chorus or two of Hallefuckinlua!

You think it can't get better than that opening? Shit, you don't know me then! So, I said we were talking about PuGs today and PuGs is what we are going to talk about. First, I want to give my description of a PuG to you. So first off, we have the assholes! These are going to be the people who try to play like they have skill but they are lucky if they understand the basics of the game, much less their class, and yes this is where 75% of you tanks are at....sorry guys but it is true. These guys are the ones who fucking stink like a dirty bitches asshole! Wait though, we have two more groups of people! The next group of people are the ones who come in and say nothing. Often times, they get berated and belittled by the assholes and say nothing or agree with them! These people, we are going to call the pussies! Yeah, I went there! See these people will get pounded on so hard and yet say nothing at all. If they get their feelings hurt or get pounded too hard they may leave. Unfortunately, it seems these people are the fucking healers. Yeah, the only group that can bring down the tanks, and they are too shy or quiet or whatever the fuck it is that makes them say "thank you, can I have another?"! So here comes the last group! These guys are the ones that you hate because they are right. They know their shit, they know their shit smells like roses and they have no issue whipping out the e-peen to show you how fucking huge it is. That is right, these guys are the dicks!

So here to explain it better is a drunk guy in a bar from Team America....FUCK YEAH!!!!

I do not think I could have said it better myself, thank you drunk guy! So, if you haven't quite figured out what I am getting at here, then let me break it down. You see these fucking assholes are running around giving everyone shit, right? Way too many people are just taking it and getting covered in the shit to the point they do not want to play. What we need are some dicks who will stand up to these fucking assholes! Now, I am onle one dick and I cannot in any way fuck that many assholes, so I need some help. We need more pussies to get fed up and start being dicks! Who's with me?

You will never, ever, everrrrrrrrr think of a PuG the same way again!

Until next rant, this is Rather out!