Friday, June 4, 2010

Return of the......Who Gives a Fuck?

So, I was reading through a couple hundred blogs and they were all a chit-chat with buzz about the return of one big red hairball. I tend to agree with The Noisy Rogue on this one. I like to read blogs that contain useful information and quite frankly this fat cat hasn't been dropping any useful information in quite some time. I am sure some folks find his shit comical and use the "tongue-n-cheek" excuse, but shit writing is shit writing in my opinion. Along that note, will you please stop fucking doing the 1-25 shit list. It is just fucking stupid (yes I have read it), sure it may be nice if there were hidden messages and we had a super decoder ring hidden away, but it does not and therefore it useless. Remember when Ol' Rather said he fucking hated useless blog posts? Well right now the fat cat is as useless as it gets.

I respected him when he left to get his life together. Do not get me wrong and yes he has written some good posts, but to proclaim him as the "ultimate Hunter" is just plain ludicrous. There was a lot of good Hunters before him, and there have been a lot of damn good Hunters since him. The way I look at it is who gives a fuck that the fat cat is back? Congrats and can we please get back to reading some useful information or at least sub-par reused/borrowed shit?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Play The Damn Game!

Alright, so yesterday I sounded off on some fucking retarded fizzled drama. I am not going to revisit that since I have been told several times the matter is now closed (what happened to freedom of speech or making records public?); however, when I was whining about the sudden death of the feud, I reminded myself about a phrase that I fucking hate! "I pay my fifteen dollars and I have a right to play the game the way I want!"

I cannot begin to tell you all how much I hate that God damned fucking piece of shit phrase! Oh this is the point where I need to say that this post is going to contain language which may deemed inappropriate for some and reader discretion is advised. To me, when people use that fucking God awful phrase they are trying to talk their way out of shit. Guess what, your fucking fifteen dollars doesn't mean a damn thing! You cannot play the game the way you want because, A) It is Blizzards fucking game and they write the rules, and B) It is a massive MULTI-PLAYER online game! The first part is going to hit you dumb fucks who play on a PVP server and hate PVP. Guess what? If you do not want to deal with being ganked, corpse camped, stalked, hunted, killed, ran down, ran through, tortured, mocked for being bad, or any other negative connotation that comes with the term PVP, then get the fuck off of those servers. If you are on a fucking normal server and want to fucking duel every God damned motherfucker who walks out the fucking inn, then fucking go roll a character on a God damned PVP server. Oh and let's not forget the dumb fucks who want to grief someone on a role-playing sever! If you do not like role-playing, then why the fuck be there? You see, Blizzard tried to set all these different types of servers up to meet your God damned playstyle but you are way too fucking retarded to understand what the following bunch of letters represent: PVP, Normal, RP, and RPPVP! For fucking fuck's sake, either learn to understand the shit you are playing or go fucking shoot yourself so that we do not have to pay for your sorry ass on welfare......

Alright, sorry there about that! I tend to start raging and it just begins to flow. So anyway, back on topic for those whining people want to use the "I pay my blah blah blah" defence. I declare bullshit (or ?bollix? as I learned that means the same thing in the Queen's English) on you! First of all, the only time you hear this defence is when some dumb ass starts something they cannot win. Here comes my advice to you, stop paying the money for the fucking game and do us all a favor. (Sorry Blizzard, but we both know that the game is better off without them.) You see, typically this situation revolves around ganking/camping. Someone goes out and gets pissed so they bring in their "heavy" guns and one/two/three shots someone else's alt. That is all fair and I am in favor of some good old fashioned ganking going on! However, as soon as the pot is stirred and the retaliation starts, the "defence" card is played. Well guess what? Fuck you and your fifteen dollars. Add another five dollars to it and go get a cheap lap dance from the local strip club a blow job from the dirty ass ho that you call your "partner". To me. when you use the "defence", you are saying that you want everything your way or else we have to listen to a major bitchfest. Well guess what? I can see your bitch fest and raise you a fucking rage session on roids!

Now do not take this as Rather saying to go out and grief players who may not be playing the game according to the guidelines of your server. This is Rather saying that we all pay our fifteen dollars each and every fucking month to play the game to enjoy it. Some of us like to go out and fuck others over in PVP. Some of us are more into the "hardcore" end game raid scene. Others may want to think they are fucking Bill Gates by playing the auction house. While still others may only want to get on and role-play. To all of you Rather says, players play on! What Rather is not saying is to use your fifteen dollars per month to hide behind when you start some shit you can't handle. My advice is beg for mercy and try apologizing to those that you offended. That may or may not work, but by fucking God take responsibility for your God damned actions!

See that is really what I am driving home right there in that last sentence! In case you haven't yet gotten it (because I am extremely subtle), let ol' Rather clue you in.
"Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." - Newton
He was a pretty smart guy, and I suppose his laws apply to more than just motion huh? In other words, if you go out and randomly gank someone, then you have no defence against what reaction might occur. So my last piece of advice is to anyone who may consider ganking a low level toon and reading this, think about that opposite reaction that Newton clued us in about. If after you think about it and are prepared for the hell you may unleash, then Rather says players, play on!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

War of Words

Rather is back!! It has been a while since last time I went off and rest assured that I have plenty of good stuff to talk about and we are going to try our hardest to knock off this long ass list of items I have written down........or we can say fuck it and talk about a disappointing display of a blogging war! I am all about the drama and I call foul on Isolte and Eus! You two went to words, er war and Rather was looking forward to it. On one side we had an explosive keg of dynamite in Eus. Chick can rant and I love her rants. Very few people hold such rage that they can compare to me. On the other side is Isolte, who while not such an explosive personality, looks like she loves to throw some low blows against bad grammar!

So what has pissed me off about all this? I have nothing to do with either bloggers except reading their blogs. When you sit at work all day with nothing to do, you find a lot of blogs! It all started over the weekend with a random killing of some troll (or something like that). From what I gathered some members of Eus' guild stole a kill from Isolte?? (Did I do that justice?) This escalated into all out war that spilled over into their blogs.....for like two days. Then all of a sudden I check back this morning and all the posts are gone! Nothing is left. I cannot even get the names of those involved. There is no comments, no posts explaining the removal, no nothing! What the fuck?!?!?!

I demand answers! Seeings as I have no way to get them, I am going to answer for them. I feel this is the point where I need to throw down the disclaimer that this is going to be inapropriate for small children, adults, and anyone else who cares about correct grammar or is easily offended. If you fall into these categories, then why the fuck have you been reading my blog? Alright, so I am going off memory here, so don't hate me and don't bother to correct me because fiction is always a good read! I am lieing there, I would be willing to have any input....not!

So let's look at the root cause of the incident shall we? One person stole a kill from another! What the fuck? This is WoW! How many times has this happened and how many times have we been guilty of it? I know I have. I will not lie. Perhaps someone annoyed me with an action or I just wasn't paying attention. Honestly, I have never lost any sleep about. I have also not gone off the deep end about it. That is me though and I know I am unique. Whatever! So the kill is stolen, big whoop! I think Gevlon wrote a good topic on that and if I can find it I will link it. The whole idea of the post was that you are not entitled to anything in the game. Everyone pays the same price to play the game the way that they want to. That means if someone wants to be the villain and steal your kill, so be it. They pay for that pleasure.

Speaking of paying for that pleasure, a lot of people throw the "I pay my $15 to play the game the way I want to" when they do something like gank a lowbie. Which I believe is what happened. Isolte retaliated and killed a low level toon in the inn of their own factions town. Mind you, I have nothing against any sort of ganking. I am actually pro ganking. If you want to make an..... ah fuck that shit! If you go to cook something up, then you are going to end up breaking some eggs or some other shit you use to cook with. So kudos on the ganking of the lowbie. You definitely pissed off that guild I would say, well at least Eus. I find it wierd the other members of the guild did not come out and speak about the topic. Weird! Anyway, back to my thought on the whole subject of paying to play. I get so pissed when I hear that line as a defence for an action and then turned around used as a way to shame soemone else into not retaliating. It is a two way street and if you side swipe me, I am going to fuck your world up! Let me rephrase that, just like you pay your money to go out and get upset at a kill steal and then gank the offender, I pay my $15 to be a complete ass and proceed to corpse camp you.

So anyway, I am rambling again. The thing that seems shady to me (and I am not taking sides here belive it or not) is that Isolte just happened to have their main toons parked right there in the town? I mean, I take a higher level character and store it in the inn of the zone I am questing in, but that is in the same faction to deal with those who would gank. This situation seems more like premeditated ganking. Again, I support this but don't turn all scared little school girl and feign innocence! Step up and say that you fucking did it and what you going to do now about it? Instead it spiraled out of control into what eventually fizzled and was pulled down from all parties involved sites. Only those of us who happened to catch it right away were aware of this little short but comical war!

I suppose some sort of truce was called and no evidence of this altercation exists, but I sure as hell woudl love to know what happened? Did one side actually back down? Did they kiss and make up? Did the throw down and decided that was enough? I suppose I could go nose around the guild websites of the involved players, but that would require too much effort. Next time ladies, keep it public for the shits and grins of the rest of us. Well, that is all I have the time for today. Until next time people, keep on raging!

PS: I will update the links when I find some time.......if I find some time.

PSS: I updated the links of the two main bloggers, but have not been able to find the article of the green guy. Hell, maybe I was smoking some serious shit? Who knows, but if I find it I will update it. If not, maybe I have a new rant to take on of my own!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scratching My Head

So as the guy who sometimes stands out for all the wrong reasons I wanted to talk about something that had me scratching my head a little bit. I tend to read a ton of blogs at home, at work, in the car while driving (joking.....maybe) and I was cruising down the list yesterday when I came across a post on Honor's Code. Keep reading please, I am not going to rant regardless of how you interpreted the title of the post. You see I have a lot of respect for Mr. Honors and I want to commend him for what he posted.

In todays society, we see so many people who want to cram religion, politics, ethics, socialism, and all of the rest of the "isms" and "ions" down our throats that we typically just either become immune to it or brush them aside as a cook, moron, jack ass, or other unstable individual. However, when I read this post I thought to myself, "self, that is a well laid out thought." (Okay I probably didn't put it that way.) In all seriousness, I think it took a lot of courage for Mr. Honors to take a stand and dedicate one simple post to explain his view points. It is nothing new, I can recall on a couple of occassions where he has mentioned his faith in his posts and each time it is a non-intrusive way.

I just wanted to take a moment out of my usual bitching to thank him for the post. I think that we can all take something away from the post, even if you do not share his views on the topic. What I believe you can take away is that, no matter your views, there is always a way to express them in a way that is not offensive and may even cause someone, like yours truly, to scratch their head and think about what you are saying. It sure beats the "Turn or Burn" method that has been utilized from time to time. Alright, that was perhaps one of the only non-contraversial, non-cursing (well less cursing than usual), and deeper posts that you will get from me. I promise to return to my usual cranky, miserable, brooding, contraversial self for the next one......maybe.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I have been reading up on this S.A.N. craze that is going about the blogsphere and I have extremely mixed feelings on this and we are going to discuss that today since I brought it up. So, for my one reader who does not follow any other blogs, apprantly there is an organization that is forming of the blogging community on the Argent Dawn servers of both the US/Oceanic and EU. It is like the plague of undeath sweeping the land of Azeroth, no one can stand up to it and everyone is becoming infected by it. If you do not believe me, google the words and see for yourself what you get.

So anyway back to the focus of my topic which is a simple question of "is this a good thing or a bad thing"? I am interested to see in a year or two from now what does this guild look like and what does the blogging community look like because of it. Let's take for example something I may have noticed while sneaking a peak around SAN, which was the making fun of one greedy green blogger for his view points. Now do not get my wrong, I am not a fanboy, so to say, of this individual; however, I was kind of disappointed in the way that individuals were putting this person down. After all, having a blog is a way for us to express how we feel about things and explain our point of views. I am not defending or approving of the persons viewpoints, but was disappointed that there would be things like this expressed in the guild chat. I mean if this is a blog for the blogging community, then this greedy green fellow would be welcomed in this particular guild (even though he is against social organizations and therefor probably not in favor of this particualr idea). On this thought line, I would not have been annoyed by this behavior if this individual were in the guild and able to defend their point of views in a rational conversation, but it is apparant that some individuals would rather berate and belittle someone who does not share their own viewpoint instead of having an adult discussion on their differing view points.

So that was my big issue with what I saw from my initial inspection of the guild. Now there was plenty of talk and friendly chatter going on in the guild and people seemed genuine enough from what I could gather. The guild is bristling full of people and everyone seemed ready to help. So there is definitely some positive aspects of the guild. I am afraid though that the elitest attitude that many blogs claim to hate may become the norm for these individuals. If you do not believe me scan some blogs and see if there are not mentions of people accomplishing things (that have been done time and time before) and making remarks about how it was done smoothly because people knew what they were doing. Trust me, these posts are out there. I suppose that if you put a ton of bloggers together, their egos are bound to feed on each other and increase their size, which brings me to my next point.

What happens when two massive egos collide over something? Will there be a blogsphere end of the world type storm? Are these members able to simply agree to disagree? I know I am not. If you say something that pisses me off, you better bet your ass that you need to be able to prove me wrong or prepare to eat a face full of "I told you so" shit! Only time will truly tell the outcome of this little endeavor. At this point and time I am content to have deleted my character that I scouted SAN out with and sit back and eat some popcorn and watch the movie, because I think it is going to be one hell of a ride (good or bad).

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am pleasantly surprised that there is much more discussion of things on blogs now days versus the QQ sessions of bad PuGs. Do not get me wrong, I love a good rant, hell I throw down one every now and then, but you have to pace yourselves or you flame out. On the subject of flaming out, I did not stop blogging, but there has been a lot going on and because I have no relationship with any of you, I do not feel I need to post something here every day just for the sake of posting something.

That being said, know that I am still reading and if you all screw up and say something I disagree with, I will be all over it like a tick on a dog's ass and you do not want me sipping your blood out of the old ass! (Meh, I do not want to sip blood out of your ass come to think about it!)

Monday, January 11, 2010


Alright, so we are going to talk about the state of the World of Warcraft in relation to P.U.G.s today people. So sit the fuck up and listen to what ol' Rather is going to say, because I guarantee that it is going to be profound and perhaps deep. However, first I have to give some credit to my man over at Frost Is The New Black! I know I have said in the past that if I read one more blog about a bad PuG that I may have to hurt the blogger; however, my man in his post not only bitch slaps this PuG, but he fucking knocked the shit out of them! If you want to complain about PuGs and write about, then do what my guy here did and post some data to back up your claims and I will stand up and appalud you. Hell, I may need to see about hiring the choir from over at WTFspahetti to sing a chorus or two of Hallefuckinlua!

You think it can't get better than that opening? Shit, you don't know me then! So, I said we were talking about PuGs today and PuGs is what we are going to talk about. First, I want to give my description of a PuG to you. So first off, we have the assholes! These are going to be the people who try to play like they have skill but they are lucky if they understand the basics of the game, much less their class, and yes this is where 75% of you tanks are at....sorry guys but it is true. These guys are the ones who fucking stink like a dirty bitches asshole! Wait though, we have two more groups of people! The next group of people are the ones who come in and say nothing. Often times, they get berated and belittled by the assholes and say nothing or agree with them! These people, we are going to call the pussies! Yeah, I went there! See these people will get pounded on so hard and yet say nothing at all. If they get their feelings hurt or get pounded too hard they may leave. Unfortunately, it seems these people are the fucking healers. Yeah, the only group that can bring down the tanks, and they are too shy or quiet or whatever the fuck it is that makes them say "thank you, can I have another?"! So here comes the last group! These guys are the ones that you hate because they are right. They know their shit, they know their shit smells like roses and they have no issue whipping out the e-peen to show you how fucking huge it is. That is right, these guys are the dicks!

So here to explain it better is a drunk guy in a bar from Team America....FUCK YEAH!!!!

I do not think I could have said it better myself, thank you drunk guy! So, if you haven't quite figured out what I am getting at here, then let me break it down. You see these fucking assholes are running around giving everyone shit, right? Way too many people are just taking it and getting covered in the shit to the point they do not want to play. What we need are some dicks who will stand up to these fucking assholes! Now, I am onle one dick and I cannot in any way fuck that many assholes, so I need some help. We need more pussies to get fed up and start being dicks! Who's with me?

You will never, ever, everrrrrrrrr think of a PuG the same way again!

Until next rant, this is Rather out!