Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special Moments

Don't expect no damn warm fuzzy post here! The title is up there for all the people crying and complaining about horrible PuGs! I am sorry that you have had bad experiences, I truly am, but get the fuck over it and move on. Now I am not one to belittle or bash on other bloggers, but if I have to read one more horrible story of some poor player who was doing their job and the big mean PuG layed the unholy PuG smackdown on your candy ass, then I may have to drive to where you and smack the shit out of you myself! Who knows, maybe you deserved what happened? I know, I know, I know! How could any blogger play a toon horrible? Shit, you haven't seen anything till you have watched me try to use my priest to heal! It is terribad and I would deserved to be kicked and even tarred and feathered from being so terribad!

Another thing that is annoying the holy piss out of me are the dumn fucks who run in groups and ask for recount data. Next time you are in a group with a recount nub who asks for it, tell them to fuck off and vote to kick them out of the group. If they ask why, then link them to my blog where I will boldly proclaim to fucking shut up and download the damn add-on. Special thanks to Eus for reminding me how much I hate those people.

Oh one more thought on the folks who are crying and complaining about PuGs, why fucking run the random? For two emblems? I mean I do not want to question your skills, but if you are talking about how great you are and you are running ICC 10/25, then why do you need the emblems? Maybe your mouth is writing checks that your ass can't cash? Sorry, but you all know who you are and if I keep seeing your whining asses complaining, you better bet I am going to give you a good dose of old fashioned "15 minutes of fame"! Yeah I took that from one notorious blogger who is complaining every day for the last week about the random crap ass runs.

So do I run? Hell yes and I am as fucking bold and annoying as I am right now. Someone tells me to not cast a spell and I know it is fine to, you better bet your sweet ass I am rocking it. For instance, on my DK lately I have been noticing that tanks tend to think that D&D steal their aggro. Well, I have news for you fuckwad nubs, it doesn't. Download Omen and learn to read it. I am watching it on every run I go on and I will put you in your place. Oh and if you up and leave my group, bet your sweet ass that I will tank and still do a better job than you could have anyway. Now don't say Rather, you are being an ass! Can't you calm it down some? I will tell you fuck no and kick it up a notch. What this game and blogsphere needs is some folks who will be honest and not all nice about stuff. I am all about helping folks, but don't pretend that you know everything about everything when you do not even understand your own main class. Yeah I went there.

Right now, I am getting ready to get drunk off my ass and throw down some good old time fun! Hope everyone has a good new year and watch out for the police on your way to and from!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Do You Define A Successful Blog?

So I was reading Syrana's post yesterday about what makes a blog successful and she mentions a few things, but one thing stuck out in my mind more than anything else, and that was where she mentioned that she would consider her blog a success if she posted a couple times a week. I too feel that is how I am going to judge the success or failure of this blog. Now I am still wet behind the blogears and all, but I think it is good to set goals. It is even better to set obtainable goals. So my goal is simply to be the best damn blogger I can be and try to ensure I post at least two little ditties each week. If I can do that till my one year mark, then maybe I too will be a success. My congratulations to Sideshow and Syrana for their wonderful year long run and I hope another good year of posts from them!

On to some other things that are driving me up the wall! Will everyone who is running in the LFG system please not tell someone how to play their damn class. I was in a run the other day with a guy (healer) who kept telling this lock to lifetap. Now, perhaps if the lock was a moron or running out of mana during fights, then there would be an issue; however, said lock was managing his mana just fine. See he had this cool little glyph that boosts his spellpower everytime he lifetaps. So the lock was working it into his rotation. Well the asshat healer just kept annoying the guy till he just up and left. So please, to all the know it alls out there who may be reading this, just shut the hell up! If someone is not sub 1k DPS or causing a group to wipe, then just shut the fuck up and let them play their class. I didn't bother to stick around in said group for fear of healer finding a new target to inform what they were doing wrong. Ugh, people kill me sometime. I wonder why the fuck I am even playing a multi-player game? I hate people (except anyone who may read this!).

Oh well, what can I say? Oh and in case you didn't get my joke over the holidays, I really do enjoy them, but I cannot let anyone who knows me figure it out. So I have to be all "bah-fucking-hum-bah" and shit! So, do not think I am that cranky. I hate the way people have made it into a gift buying bonanza, but I like the idea of the season!

I wanted to ask a serious question though today as well. I saw this post over at the Greedy Goblin talking abour rawr and how it can make you a better player because of the information that it is putting out. Why in the hell do you really need this? I knew a guy who used this. He had a Shaman that he leveled and swore by the numbers he should be able to put out 3k DPS according to the aformentioned program. So we go on this heroic (I wanna say it was H UP) and the guy does around 1100 DPS. Me being the nice guy I am, rode his ass about how the hell he came up with these numbers. Needless to say he quit using the program. My question is why do people spend so much time looking at spread sheet numbers. Programs like this are nice in a way that you can look and see what the best in slot (for this month) is, but if you do not understand why it is the best in slot (this month) then come next patch you will be a fucking moron who is complaining to their guild about being kicked from a PuG because they could not produce enough threat, damage, healing, or whatever else.

I know there are a lot of number crunchers out there and some forums dedicated for those who claim to be "elite", but honestly if you do not understand the reasoning behind the why then you are just following the hurd. Which I find ironic that Gevlon would be one to follow the hurd given his anti-social viewpoints and all, but I am still not sure there is only one Gevlon as his writing style often changes. (Don't act like you haven't noticed the perfect grammar and punctuation Gevlon versus the mistake ridden posts that come up!) Okay, so I got off track there! Anyway, my point here is that the programs and number crunchers can only take into consideration certain things, but they lack the one thing that is going to make all the difference in the world! The SKILLS! No program can judge the competance of a player's ability to actually perform a certain rotation or understand the reasoning that you may want strength over attack power or agility over critical strike rating. So my advice to Mr Rawr User, once you have the book knowledge work on the skills side of it, because if you roll into my group shooting your shit and fall in the shit, I will ride your ass and make life miserable!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Good Tip

So a couple of days back I blasted Markco for vomiting up old information that is pretty much common sense. However, if you post old information that is relevant or useful, then I am happy to mention it. One of those rare posts actually showed up on the Greedy Goblin! I know, it has been a while since we had a post that made us all tolerate him! Make sure and check it out as it provides a sure fire easy and simple way to make gold. On a similar note, Gevlin has decided to once a week post something similar to this, which in my opinion is far more useful than this piece of shit article that talks about buying by a percentage! Honestly, if you cannot tell that something which is selling for under 50% is not a deal, then just quit playing. Along those same lines, if you think that posting this shit is useful, please quit posting.

Now, I have recently received a couple messages via email that I was being harsh and that I should find more nice things to say. What, my Christmas videos were not nice? You people are hard to make happy you know this right? So, I want to present you with someone who seems to be much more cheery than I, maybe because of all the alts they are leveling...who knows? Anyway, go check out WoW Alt Addiction! I really enjoy just reading the blog to see what progress is going on with this grand master plan of rotating and leveling and other shit! With a promotion like that I should go into advertising right?

Friday, December 25, 2009

All I Want For Christmas!

So I am probably even more cranky as I did not get this for Christmas!


PS: If you look like Mariah, please get in touch with me!

PSS: This post was prepared before and scheduled for posting, hope the holidays were good for you!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Song For You All!

So, this post is going to be posted on Christmas Eve as I will no doubt be drunk off my ass having a good time somewhere doing something that may or may not be considered illegal in five states! So I was trying to decide what I wanted to post and I just decided to share a little happy song I like to sing this time of year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Am I Big Enough?

Alright so yesterday I went on a "mild" rant. Yes, I said mild because I can really turn it up a notch or two if need be, but we save that for the "special" people out there. So anyway, I first wanted to apologize for being so hard on Honor's Code. I am big enough to admit that I was really hard on him. I really do not like the attitude I am seeing with a lot of folks and I think he just crossed my feed at the wrong time. So Honors, if you read my little corner of the blogsphere, sorry for beating on you.

However, I am not changing my stance on all the dum fucks who want to belittle folks in PuGs. I have been in so many PuGs where you have these asshats who think they are the gift to all of the WoW world but you can't make it past their arragance to really tell if they are good or just good at talking. To me, just shut the fuck up and play. I would rather have a run of silence than one fucker who wishes to spew thier filth about how great they are and point out every little thing that the rest of the party is doing; all the while they are only mashing their two abilities. Forget CC to help out the tank and healer. Screw handing out the longer blessings! You expect them to drop a totem? You get my point right? In case you missed it, just SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one cares if you do 7k DPS or 2k DPS (alright I may care if you are sub 1k, but I am not going to be an ass to you).

Alright, so let's move on! I feel the inner-rage coming up! Speaking of raging! I found this post by a blogger named Eus and I thought it was funny as hell since I worked in retail many, many, many ages ago. Hmmm, I wonder if this is why I am so fucking messed up? Anyway, go check it out. It looks like it is part of a series. From what I can tell this blogger doesn't post often, but they have some funny stuff when they do.

Thinking of the holidays, I have seen a lot of well wishing going on from bloggers all over the place. DO NOT EXPECT THAT HERE! I really hate the holidays. People get all excited about how much they got or spent and they forget the whole reason for the damn season, and no I am not going all religious, do I look like a religious blogger? Although I will set some offering plates out at the door so feel free to donate! In all seriousness, people do not appreciate the season for a time of being with the ones you have warm fuzzy feelings for! It just pisses me off to see it so comercialized now days. So I say bah-fucking-hum-bah! (aka Merry Christmas!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Responses To Recent Blogs

So as I said from the beginning of my blog, I use this as my own platform to respond to other blog posts that I read and talk about things that concern me. Today I am spending my time to talk about some recent blogs I have read and share my thoughts on the posts!

  • Honor's Code - I typically agree with Mr. Honor, but for this post I call bull shit. First of all, last time I checked a fresh 80 could pretty much run heroics. Yeah they might struggle, but to claim that as a tank you will be the number one in everything is a bit rediculous. I say post some screen shots of recount info or shut your damn mouth. I think your ego may be growing a wee bit too big. Secondly, I do not consider myself fortunate when I queue for a heroic on a lower geared alt (aka not my main) and I have some dum fuck who thinks it is exciting to blast through a heroic and then proclaim that we are fortunate to be in this run with them. I say fuck off, I do not need you that badly. If you are so grand and can solo this shit, then by all means just run it alone, oh wait you cannot. You need a random PuG to get your emblem. So how about you show some consideration for the fresh players and instead of stroking your epeen, assist them in learning how to play. Is that really too much to ask?
  • Just My Two Copper - Your newest post is a fucking waste of time. I honestly, have debated on saying this, but you are a fucking moron. You often times just waste my day looking at your blog. Now the quick minded person will ask why do I waste my time? I believe that if you are going to say someone is wrong, then you need to hear them out. Do not get me wrong, every now and then there is a useful post, but more often than not you just simply vomit up old ideas. Also, I find it pathetic that because another well known blogger turned you down rather openly that you have decided to go to their blog and post comments about the lack of skill that this person has in how they choose to play the game. Grow up and quit being a fucking moron. Also, I pretty much believe you to be the fake version of this blogger going around and posting since it fits the immature personality that you have revealed yourself to have.

Well, unfortunately I am running out of time and have some other things that I need to tend to. You know, I may need to put a mature warning notice on the blog as I have a pretty bad potty mouth. Oh well, as I also said, it's my blog. Accept it or go read someone elses! (Although really I would rather have you reading mine secretly!) I probably just need some hugs!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Makes A Good Blog Good?

So, I have been sitting here reading through some blogs while I am waisting my day away at work. Yes I know, what a tough job I have huh? I roll into work and hang out for a few hours getting paid while reading blogs! Hey occassionaly I try to help out a client. Anyway, I read a wide variety of blogs around here and I wanted to give my impressions of what I think a good blog is. You see there are a lot of popular blogs that in my opinion suck. However, if you were to name them, their readers would appear and begin to flog you. So, I am not going to name any names; however, I am going to list some things that I like and dislike (in no certain order).

  1. Useful Content - I have an odd view on this one. I consider useful content to be something that I did not know. So if you are wasting my time by telling me to buy low and sell at average, well you are a douchebag who should probably quit writing. I like content that is going to help me understand other classes better that I may not play or be struggling with something. For instance, a blog about Priests that explains the difference between Discipline and Holy is a good read. It let's the readers understand that Holy uses your typical healing type abilities where the Discipline approach has them mitigating damage through the use of bubbles.
  2. Clutter Free - I dispise adds on blogs! For one they ruin the look of the blog, but they also clutter the whole place up. I am not the worlds most consistant reader, so I often will be reading several posts on one day versus spread out over several days. I hate when you are scrolling down and have to see these ugly adds in between posts. I just do not like that. Also, if you have a ton of stuff thrown on your blog it will distract people from your content.
  3. I hate when other bloggers who have an issue with someone and goes to their blog to insult them on their posts. It is childish and pathetic. Do not get your little heart broken because someone said no to an add to sell your guide or whatever and then decide to go to their blog and attempt to redicule them non-stop. In the end, you will look like the ass and not them. Also, since I hate adds it just aggrevates me that much more.
  4. Elitist - Who cares how long you have been blogging or how great you are. Come down off your high horse and take a look at the ass you have become. A lot of blogs start out really good and then they get full of theirselves (or drink the kool-aid) and they just go down hill. Get back to doing what people started liking you for!
  5. Be consistant, even if it is consistant in posts. The worse thing you can do is post once in a great while (like yours truly). If you want to sustain readers then you need to let the readers know what they can expect and when they can expect it.
  6. Who cares about the number of viewers. I honestly do not track how many visitors I have ever had or post a site counter. To me those are just a waste of time. They realy do nothing to establish your blog as a quality blog.
  7. Don't use wild colors. I like to look at sites that do not make me squint at the page. I often times will view blogs early in the morning or late at night (not counting while bored at work) and often times those bright bright bright lights just burn my eyeballs!

Alright, so now that I am off my high horse of complaining about you all is there anything else I wish to talk about? I honestly cannot think of anything. I know several bloggers were posting up stuff about the new LFG system in relationship to their own experiences. In all honesty it is what it is. What do you expect? A bunch of people who will never see each other again, running some heroics to get gear. If you want social graces, then join a golf club. This is a video game and manners (though good to have) are not necessary to play!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Most Embarrasing Moment

So it has been forever and a day since I last dropped a post. Want to know why? I freaking forgot my password! Yeah and then I forgot what the answer to my email secret super duper "oh-shit" question was. End of the story, I finally found my information. Yes, it is not good to leave this information laying around where it could be easily found; however, if you are like me, forget that stuff and write all that shit down somewhere!

So anyway, what is new with me and my misfit army of alts? Well, nothing! I was sad to see that Fish fellow jet out of the blogsphere, at least as an active blogger. I kind of liked his blog. Didn't always agree with him, but isn't that the point of really blogging? I mean I do not want to be the next greedy tiny green guy, but I definitely appreciate the view from the other side of the tracks as it were. Speaking of greedy, I missed the big brawl (or lack of one) between some gold gerus?!? What the hell is up with that? I lock myself out for a while and cannot comment and stir the pot up. Well, that is what you get.

Well, I am back on the scene and firmly gripping it (the password idiot) and shall try to be more regular about posting! As I stated in day one, I want to make my blog a way for me to respond to other blogs. So for my response today, I read over at that little gnome's inn that she posted some questions and feel obliged to the little cutie to respond. So here goes! (Oh and as is the case for me, I do not follow the rules and split some of the things up such as raid and instances. Some folks were doing it half-assed and I do it good when I do it.)

Best Raid - Hands down I like cruise control to easy so I am going with Trial of the Crusader. Sorry, but remember back in the day when they coined the phrase "charity epics", well that place on regular is snooze control. Sorry, do not want to offend anyone but come on, let's go whack some moles and crowd control some mobs? Please!

Best Instance - Okay, again I like to get me some purples for my army of alts so come on down Trial of the Champion! They may be easy, but they still are purple!

Least Successful Raid - Ulduar hands down. I mean how many damn guilds really cleared that place? I check out rankings all the time and a lot of guilds went in guns blazing but they burned out and Blizzard dropped ToC too soon IMO. Blizzard really needs to get a grip and realize who the hell is running the show. If you cator to the morons you will end up with a bad product. If you listen to the more dedicated (aka hardcore) you will put a better game out and all the rest will follow suit because it is the cool thing to do!

Least Successful Instance - Um everything in Northrend. They have to add a looking for group system cross server because people do not want to run that "old" content. Pathetic!

Siliest Gold Sink - Hmmmm...... I guess I have to go with some of the extravagant mounts in the game. Sure they are nice but not necessary.

Most Longed For Instance - Heroic Shadow Fang Keep! Hey I know it is months away, but the thought of that place on heroic just does something to me...

Most Juicy Guild Drama - Our GM going spastic every time someone quits. It gets old, but it is funny as hell to see the dude go apeshit. Now everyone who has a guild leader who blogs is wondering if I am in your guild. Well, you may never know!

Biggest Addition To The Game - Without a doubt, me!

Best Quest - I like the old lore quests. Someone mentioned the Sceptor quest where you go beat on some dragons. If anyone really remembers that thing, they have been around for a long time, cause opening those damn gates makes waiting for ICC look like childs play. Hell, just getting 40 people in a raid should of been an achievement, but then having a whole damn server work together to guarantee they opened it up. It was epic and Normal servers cannot begin to understand the epicness that it took for PVP servers to pull their shit together to accomplish that.

Ugliest Tabbard - My guild tabard. Oooooo how many of you are wondering if I am in your guild now?

Favorite Non Combat Pet - Sleepy Willy, that guy is my hero, just fall asleep anywhere.

Most Charming Blizzard Employee - John was really nice when my account was hacked to hell and back. The guy went above and beyond to tell me he couldn't do anything. Great guy, I bet he worked for companies like Enron and AIG during his esteemed career.

Best Podcast - WTF?? I do not have time for that shit. Hell, I barely was able to get back into my own damn blog.

Biggest Blog Facelift - I honestly do not know. I really do not pay that much attention. Didn't the little greedy guy change his picture recently?

Most Memorable Blog Post - I really do not know on this one. In all seriousness there is a lot of good stuff out there.

Most Noticed Blogger Breakthrough - I am not on that list am I? Hahahaha I think that it could go to quite a few folks, but I do not know who was in the know versus who was not. I just had a list of folks I read and expanded from commenters on their sites or from google searches.

Most Solid Content Provider - WoW Insider?

Most Hugged Blogger - How does a blogger get hugged? Maybe that is why I seem so angry?