Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Most Embarrasing Moment

So it has been forever and a day since I last dropped a post. Want to know why? I freaking forgot my password! Yeah and then I forgot what the answer to my email secret super duper "oh-shit" question was. End of the story, I finally found my information. Yes, it is not good to leave this information laying around where it could be easily found; however, if you are like me, forget that stuff and write all that shit down somewhere!

So anyway, what is new with me and my misfit army of alts? Well, nothing! I was sad to see that Fish fellow jet out of the blogsphere, at least as an active blogger. I kind of liked his blog. Didn't always agree with him, but isn't that the point of really blogging? I mean I do not want to be the next greedy tiny green guy, but I definitely appreciate the view from the other side of the tracks as it were. Speaking of greedy, I missed the big brawl (or lack of one) between some gold gerus?!? What the hell is up with that? I lock myself out for a while and cannot comment and stir the pot up. Well, that is what you get.

Well, I am back on the scene and firmly gripping it (the password idiot) and shall try to be more regular about posting! As I stated in day one, I want to make my blog a way for me to respond to other blogs. So for my response today, I read over at that little gnome's inn that she posted some questions and feel obliged to the little cutie to respond. So here goes! (Oh and as is the case for me, I do not follow the rules and split some of the things up such as raid and instances. Some folks were doing it half-assed and I do it good when I do it.)

Best Raid - Hands down I like cruise control to easy so I am going with Trial of the Crusader. Sorry, but remember back in the day when they coined the phrase "charity epics", well that place on regular is snooze control. Sorry, do not want to offend anyone but come on, let's go whack some moles and crowd control some mobs? Please!

Best Instance - Okay, again I like to get me some purples for my army of alts so come on down Trial of the Champion! They may be easy, but they still are purple!

Least Successful Raid - Ulduar hands down. I mean how many damn guilds really cleared that place? I check out rankings all the time and a lot of guilds went in guns blazing but they burned out and Blizzard dropped ToC too soon IMO. Blizzard really needs to get a grip and realize who the hell is running the show. If you cator to the morons you will end up with a bad product. If you listen to the more dedicated (aka hardcore) you will put a better game out and all the rest will follow suit because it is the cool thing to do!

Least Successful Instance - Um everything in Northrend. They have to add a looking for group system cross server because people do not want to run that "old" content. Pathetic!

Siliest Gold Sink - Hmmmm...... I guess I have to go with some of the extravagant mounts in the game. Sure they are nice but not necessary.

Most Longed For Instance - Heroic Shadow Fang Keep! Hey I know it is months away, but the thought of that place on heroic just does something to me...

Most Juicy Guild Drama - Our GM going spastic every time someone quits. It gets old, but it is funny as hell to see the dude go apeshit. Now everyone who has a guild leader who blogs is wondering if I am in your guild. Well, you may never know!

Biggest Addition To The Game - Without a doubt, me!

Best Quest - I like the old lore quests. Someone mentioned the Sceptor quest where you go beat on some dragons. If anyone really remembers that thing, they have been around for a long time, cause opening those damn gates makes waiting for ICC look like childs play. Hell, just getting 40 people in a raid should of been an achievement, but then having a whole damn server work together to guarantee they opened it up. It was epic and Normal servers cannot begin to understand the epicness that it took for PVP servers to pull their shit together to accomplish that.

Ugliest Tabbard - My guild tabard. Oooooo how many of you are wondering if I am in your guild now?

Favorite Non Combat Pet - Sleepy Willy, that guy is my hero, just fall asleep anywhere.

Most Charming Blizzard Employee - John was really nice when my account was hacked to hell and back. The guy went above and beyond to tell me he couldn't do anything. Great guy, I bet he worked for companies like Enron and AIG during his esteemed career.

Best Podcast - WTF?? I do not have time for that shit. Hell, I barely was able to get back into my own damn blog.

Biggest Blog Facelift - I honestly do not know. I really do not pay that much attention. Didn't the little greedy guy change his picture recently?

Most Memorable Blog Post - I really do not know on this one. In all seriousness there is a lot of good stuff out there.

Most Noticed Blogger Breakthrough - I am not on that list am I? Hahahaha I think that it could go to quite a few folks, but I do not know who was in the know versus who was not. I just had a list of folks I read and expanded from commenters on their sites or from google searches.

Most Solid Content Provider - WoW Insider?

Most Hugged Blogger - How does a blogger get hugged? Maybe that is why I seem so angry?


LarĂ­sa said...

This is absolutely acceptable! Great nominations with good motivations too! Thanks a lot!

And welcome back to blogging :)

RatherNotSay said...

Well I am honored you wandered over here. I would dust off a chair but I cannot even see them.

Thanks, nice to be back.