Monday, December 14, 2009

What Makes A Good Blog Good?

So, I have been sitting here reading through some blogs while I am waisting my day away at work. Yes I know, what a tough job I have huh? I roll into work and hang out for a few hours getting paid while reading blogs! Hey occassionaly I try to help out a client. Anyway, I read a wide variety of blogs around here and I wanted to give my impressions of what I think a good blog is. You see there are a lot of popular blogs that in my opinion suck. However, if you were to name them, their readers would appear and begin to flog you. So, I am not going to name any names; however, I am going to list some things that I like and dislike (in no certain order).

  1. Useful Content - I have an odd view on this one. I consider useful content to be something that I did not know. So if you are wasting my time by telling me to buy low and sell at average, well you are a douchebag who should probably quit writing. I like content that is going to help me understand other classes better that I may not play or be struggling with something. For instance, a blog about Priests that explains the difference between Discipline and Holy is a good read. It let's the readers understand that Holy uses your typical healing type abilities where the Discipline approach has them mitigating damage through the use of bubbles.
  2. Clutter Free - I dispise adds on blogs! For one they ruin the look of the blog, but they also clutter the whole place up. I am not the worlds most consistant reader, so I often will be reading several posts on one day versus spread out over several days. I hate when you are scrolling down and have to see these ugly adds in between posts. I just do not like that. Also, if you have a ton of stuff thrown on your blog it will distract people from your content.
  3. I hate when other bloggers who have an issue with someone and goes to their blog to insult them on their posts. It is childish and pathetic. Do not get your little heart broken because someone said no to an add to sell your guide or whatever and then decide to go to their blog and attempt to redicule them non-stop. In the end, you will look like the ass and not them. Also, since I hate adds it just aggrevates me that much more.
  4. Elitist - Who cares how long you have been blogging or how great you are. Come down off your high horse and take a look at the ass you have become. A lot of blogs start out really good and then they get full of theirselves (or drink the kool-aid) and they just go down hill. Get back to doing what people started liking you for!
  5. Be consistant, even if it is consistant in posts. The worse thing you can do is post once in a great while (like yours truly). If you want to sustain readers then you need to let the readers know what they can expect and when they can expect it.
  6. Who cares about the number of viewers. I honestly do not track how many visitors I have ever had or post a site counter. To me those are just a waste of time. They realy do nothing to establish your blog as a quality blog.
  7. Don't use wild colors. I like to look at sites that do not make me squint at the page. I often times will view blogs early in the morning or late at night (not counting while bored at work) and often times those bright bright bright lights just burn my eyeballs!

Alright, so now that I am off my high horse of complaining about you all is there anything else I wish to talk about? I honestly cannot think of anything. I know several bloggers were posting up stuff about the new LFG system in relationship to their own experiences. In all honesty it is what it is. What do you expect? A bunch of people who will never see each other again, running some heroics to get gear. If you want social graces, then join a golf club. This is a video game and manners (though good to have) are not necessary to play!

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