Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Good Tip

So a couple of days back I blasted Markco for vomiting up old information that is pretty much common sense. However, if you post old information that is relevant or useful, then I am happy to mention it. One of those rare posts actually showed up on the Greedy Goblin! I know, it has been a while since we had a post that made us all tolerate him! Make sure and check it out as it provides a sure fire easy and simple way to make gold. On a similar note, Gevlin has decided to once a week post something similar to this, which in my opinion is far more useful than this piece of shit article that talks about buying by a percentage! Honestly, if you cannot tell that something which is selling for under 50% is not a deal, then just quit playing. Along those same lines, if you think that posting this shit is useful, please quit posting.

Now, I have recently received a couple messages via email that I was being harsh and that I should find more nice things to say. What, my Christmas videos were not nice? You people are hard to make happy you know this right? So, I want to present you with someone who seems to be much more cheery than I, maybe because of all the alts they are leveling...who knows? Anyway, go check out WoW Alt Addiction! I really enjoy just reading the blog to see what progress is going on with this grand master plan of rotating and leveling and other shit! With a promotion like that I should go into advertising right?

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Eus said...

The videos were lovely. I enjoyed them, but that's just me. I really don't find you harsh....but maybe you are just telling the hard truth about things? lol Anyways, hope Santa was good to you!