Monday, December 21, 2009

Responses To Recent Blogs

So as I said from the beginning of my blog, I use this as my own platform to respond to other blog posts that I read and talk about things that concern me. Today I am spending my time to talk about some recent blogs I have read and share my thoughts on the posts!

  • Honor's Code - I typically agree with Mr. Honor, but for this post I call bull shit. First of all, last time I checked a fresh 80 could pretty much run heroics. Yeah they might struggle, but to claim that as a tank you will be the number one in everything is a bit rediculous. I say post some screen shots of recount info or shut your damn mouth. I think your ego may be growing a wee bit too big. Secondly, I do not consider myself fortunate when I queue for a heroic on a lower geared alt (aka not my main) and I have some dum fuck who thinks it is exciting to blast through a heroic and then proclaim that we are fortunate to be in this run with them. I say fuck off, I do not need you that badly. If you are so grand and can solo this shit, then by all means just run it alone, oh wait you cannot. You need a random PuG to get your emblem. So how about you show some consideration for the fresh players and instead of stroking your epeen, assist them in learning how to play. Is that really too much to ask?
  • Just My Two Copper - Your newest post is a fucking waste of time. I honestly, have debated on saying this, but you are a fucking moron. You often times just waste my day looking at your blog. Now the quick minded person will ask why do I waste my time? I believe that if you are going to say someone is wrong, then you need to hear them out. Do not get me wrong, every now and then there is a useful post, but more often than not you just simply vomit up old ideas. Also, I find it pathetic that because another well known blogger turned you down rather openly that you have decided to go to their blog and post comments about the lack of skill that this person has in how they choose to play the game. Grow up and quit being a fucking moron. Also, I pretty much believe you to be the fake version of this blogger going around and posting since it fits the immature personality that you have revealed yourself to have.

Well, unfortunately I am running out of time and have some other things that I need to tend to. You know, I may need to put a mature warning notice on the blog as I have a pretty bad potty mouth. Oh well, as I also said, it's my blog. Accept it or go read someone elses! (Although really I would rather have you reading mine secretly!) I probably just need some hugs!


thedoctor said...

You're back!

Hooray! Forgot your password and security questions? /fail

Dude, please, as a favor to me and the rest of the blogging community. Say what is on your mind. I loved your response "just my two coppers" post. You don't see that around the blogmosphere and that is because people dont want to piss other people off.

Well...I like it!

Glad to see you back.

Ruhtra said...

Wow, that is pretty much all I can say....

I definitely agree on the second point and conceded on the first point that you are correct in that I should be willing to help and not be such an ass to folks if they are not so great.

But wow....