Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special Moments

Don't expect no damn warm fuzzy post here! The title is up there for all the people crying and complaining about horrible PuGs! I am sorry that you have had bad experiences, I truly am, but get the fuck over it and move on. Now I am not one to belittle or bash on other bloggers, but if I have to read one more horrible story of some poor player who was doing their job and the big mean PuG layed the unholy PuG smackdown on your candy ass, then I may have to drive to where you and smack the shit out of you myself! Who knows, maybe you deserved what happened? I know, I know, I know! How could any blogger play a toon horrible? Shit, you haven't seen anything till you have watched me try to use my priest to heal! It is terribad and I would deserved to be kicked and even tarred and feathered from being so terribad!

Another thing that is annoying the holy piss out of me are the dumn fucks who run in groups and ask for recount data. Next time you are in a group with a recount nub who asks for it, tell them to fuck off and vote to kick them out of the group. If they ask why, then link them to my blog where I will boldly proclaim to fucking shut up and download the damn add-on. Special thanks to Eus for reminding me how much I hate those people.

Oh one more thought on the folks who are crying and complaining about PuGs, why fucking run the random? For two emblems? I mean I do not want to question your skills, but if you are talking about how great you are and you are running ICC 10/25, then why do you need the emblems? Maybe your mouth is writing checks that your ass can't cash? Sorry, but you all know who you are and if I keep seeing your whining asses complaining, you better bet I am going to give you a good dose of old fashioned "15 minutes of fame"! Yeah I took that from one notorious blogger who is complaining every day for the last week about the random crap ass runs.

So do I run? Hell yes and I am as fucking bold and annoying as I am right now. Someone tells me to not cast a spell and I know it is fine to, you better bet your sweet ass I am rocking it. For instance, on my DK lately I have been noticing that tanks tend to think that D&D steal their aggro. Well, I have news for you fuckwad nubs, it doesn't. Download Omen and learn to read it. I am watching it on every run I go on and I will put you in your place. Oh and if you up and leave my group, bet your sweet ass that I will tank and still do a better job than you could have anyway. Now don't say Rather, you are being an ass! Can't you calm it down some? I will tell you fuck no and kick it up a notch. What this game and blogsphere needs is some folks who will be honest and not all nice about stuff. I am all about helping folks, but don't pretend that you know everything about everything when you do not even understand your own main class. Yeah I went there.

Right now, I am getting ready to get drunk off my ass and throw down some good old time fun! Hope everyone has a good new year and watch out for the police on your way to and from!


Eus said...

You are my new best friend!!! (doing the happy chair dance) Me and Ruh would agree with you on the whole dk using DnD. We have been running our dk's thru instances and even though we only came across one douche tank that bitched at us for using it, we NEVER pulled aggro off of him and the rest of the group thought he was a douche also. So, basically he won my Mr. Douchetank of the day award. That was yesterday.

Anyways....have a happy new year Rather and keep on kicking it up a notch!!

Snottydin said...

**This is Tam, not Snottydin but it seems to be the only way Blogger is letting me comment.**

Hahaha, I suppose I should read my feedreader before I start whinging about PUGs, huh? Aww, but it's so fun, a common enemy we can all get behind hating ;)

PUGs just aren't a good forum or *anything* though - they're so hostile, you can't really be anything except at least in the middle of your game. I'm genuinely sympathetic to people learning - I still very much consider myself to be learning, and I always try to act on advice if it seems sensible but there's a world of difference between "you suck, lol, noob" and a polite whispering say "you might find it easier if you were [x] or did you know about [y]."

But agreed, agreed, a thousand times agreed on Recount. I HATE that thing. I mean, no, it's really useful but there's no need to spam it.