Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Am I Big Enough?

Alright so yesterday I went on a "mild" rant. Yes, I said mild because I can really turn it up a notch or two if need be, but we save that for the "special" people out there. So anyway, I first wanted to apologize for being so hard on Honor's Code. I am big enough to admit that I was really hard on him. I really do not like the attitude I am seeing with a lot of folks and I think he just crossed my feed at the wrong time. So Honors, if you read my little corner of the blogsphere, sorry for beating on you.

However, I am not changing my stance on all the dum fucks who want to belittle folks in PuGs. I have been in so many PuGs where you have these asshats who think they are the gift to all of the WoW world but you can't make it past their arragance to really tell if they are good or just good at talking. To me, just shut the fuck up and play. I would rather have a run of silence than one fucker who wishes to spew thier filth about how great they are and point out every little thing that the rest of the party is doing; all the while they are only mashing their two abilities. Forget CC to help out the tank and healer. Screw handing out the longer blessings! You expect them to drop a totem? You get my point right? In case you missed it, just SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one cares if you do 7k DPS or 2k DPS (alright I may care if you are sub 1k, but I am not going to be an ass to you).

Alright, so let's move on! I feel the inner-rage coming up! Speaking of raging! I found this post by a blogger named Eus and I thought it was funny as hell since I worked in retail many, many, many ages ago. Hmmm, I wonder if this is why I am so fucking messed up? Anyway, go check it out. It looks like it is part of a series. From what I can tell this blogger doesn't post often, but they have some funny stuff when they do.

Thinking of the holidays, I have seen a lot of well wishing going on from bloggers all over the place. DO NOT EXPECT THAT HERE! I really hate the holidays. People get all excited about how much they got or spent and they forget the whole reason for the damn season, and no I am not going all religious, do I look like a religious blogger? Although I will set some offering plates out at the door so feel free to donate! In all seriousness, people do not appreciate the season for a time of being with the ones you have warm fuzzy feelings for! It just pisses me off to see it so comercialized now days. So I say bah-fucking-hum-bah! (aka Merry Christmas!)


Eus said...

Lol!! Thank you very much for enjoying my "Tis the Season" series. I used to work in hospitality and worked third shift for many years before this, so not much amazes me, but I still get a real big kick outta people. I am so glad you have enjoyed it, but I'm still not quite done yet. I do plan on finishing up the series on Christmas Day and I have a New Year's addition to add, which I am currently working on. Furthermore, your "rant" was absolutley hilarious. I respect all parties involved but in the terms of ranting.....since you know I get my rant on, I appreciate it! Thanks again for reading! I really do appreciate it!

RatherNotSay said...

Hey, just keep posting and I promise to keep reading. The biggest trick to getting a loyal reader is having something for them to read. :P

As far as my rants go, I blow up like Katrina! Is it too soon for that joke? Oh well, fuck it! Who cares!