Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Do You Define A Successful Blog?

So I was reading Syrana's post yesterday about what makes a blog successful and she mentions a few things, but one thing stuck out in my mind more than anything else, and that was where she mentioned that she would consider her blog a success if she posted a couple times a week. I too feel that is how I am going to judge the success or failure of this blog. Now I am still wet behind the blogears and all, but I think it is good to set goals. It is even better to set obtainable goals. So my goal is simply to be the best damn blogger I can be and try to ensure I post at least two little ditties each week. If I can do that till my one year mark, then maybe I too will be a success. My congratulations to Sideshow and Syrana for their wonderful year long run and I hope another good year of posts from them!

On to some other things that are driving me up the wall! Will everyone who is running in the LFG system please not tell someone how to play their damn class. I was in a run the other day with a guy (healer) who kept telling this lock to lifetap. Now, perhaps if the lock was a moron or running out of mana during fights, then there would be an issue; however, said lock was managing his mana just fine. See he had this cool little glyph that boosts his spellpower everytime he lifetaps. So the lock was working it into his rotation. Well the asshat healer just kept annoying the guy till he just up and left. So please, to all the know it alls out there who may be reading this, just shut the hell up! If someone is not sub 1k DPS or causing a group to wipe, then just shut the fuck up and let them play their class. I didn't bother to stick around in said group for fear of healer finding a new target to inform what they were doing wrong. Ugh, people kill me sometime. I wonder why the fuck I am even playing a multi-player game? I hate people (except anyone who may read this!).

Oh well, what can I say? Oh and in case you didn't get my joke over the holidays, I really do enjoy them, but I cannot let anyone who knows me figure it out. So I have to be all "bah-fucking-hum-bah" and shit! So, do not think I am that cranky. I hate the way people have made it into a gift buying bonanza, but I like the idea of the season!

I wanted to ask a serious question though today as well. I saw this post over at the Greedy Goblin talking abour rawr and how it can make you a better player because of the information that it is putting out. Why in the hell do you really need this? I knew a guy who used this. He had a Shaman that he leveled and swore by the numbers he should be able to put out 3k DPS according to the aformentioned program. So we go on this heroic (I wanna say it was H UP) and the guy does around 1100 DPS. Me being the nice guy I am, rode his ass about how the hell he came up with these numbers. Needless to say he quit using the program. My question is why do people spend so much time looking at spread sheet numbers. Programs like this are nice in a way that you can look and see what the best in slot (for this month) is, but if you do not understand why it is the best in slot (this month) then come next patch you will be a fucking moron who is complaining to their guild about being kicked from a PuG because they could not produce enough threat, damage, healing, or whatever else.

I know there are a lot of number crunchers out there and some forums dedicated for those who claim to be "elite", but honestly if you do not understand the reasoning behind the why then you are just following the hurd. Which I find ironic that Gevlon would be one to follow the hurd given his anti-social viewpoints and all, but I am still not sure there is only one Gevlon as his writing style often changes. (Don't act like you haven't noticed the perfect grammar and punctuation Gevlon versus the mistake ridden posts that come up!) Okay, so I got off track there! Anyway, my point here is that the programs and number crunchers can only take into consideration certain things, but they lack the one thing that is going to make all the difference in the world! The SKILLS! No program can judge the competance of a player's ability to actually perform a certain rotation or understand the reasoning that you may want strength over attack power or agility over critical strike rating. So my advice to Mr Rawr User, once you have the book knowledge work on the skills side of it, because if you roll into my group shooting your shit and fall in the shit, I will ride your ass and make life miserable!


Eus said...

I agree with you. What's even more better than the clusterf**k that the LFG system is, the ones who not only tell you know to play, but the ones that get me are the ones who scream "WHO HAS RECOUNT??!!" If you are so worried about your numbers, maybe that's telling you something......

thedoctor said...

recount in 5 mans?