Friday, October 23, 2009

What The Hell?

So I am just sitting here bored silly listing stuff on the auction house and I was thinking back to some of the weirdest moments that I have seen in the game that just made me say, what the hell? The reason that this has occurred is because I always set my stuff up to just start listing and then I sit and browse the auction house. I am typically looking for a good buy or perhaps something more specific if I am wanting to craft something for one of my toons. So while browsing the auction house I see this guy who is listing thousands of glyphs, which is cool. To each their own. However, the chump is listing them for such rediculously low prices I feeled compelled to buy him out and then just relist them. I mean honestly, people read articles on blogs and jump right in not even thinking about what they should be doing or if it is smart to try to jump on the bandwagon. This guy obviously did not just jump, but did a big old belly flop onto it. First thing he should of done was limitted how many of each glyph he was listing. He has actually flooded the market and prices are dropping quick then a blimp with a hole.

I see stuff like this all the time, but not just with the auction house. For instance, I was in a battleground and this guy was in there running around just getting destroyed. I whispered him and asked him what the hell? He tells me is just after some marks and honor. I was like ummm k? I wanted to ask him if he didn't understand the concept that a win nets more honor and more marks, but I realized that looking at his gear and his spec that he was just a moron. I refuse to waste my time on someone who clearly does not care about improving their game play. This guy will probably pick up his epic charities and then get into a raid because his gear score is so high. That reminds me, what the hell is up with gear score?

Honestly, I could turn 80 and spend one week running heroics every day and gather all of the gear from badges and probably get a couple of drops to go my way, which means that my gear score is naturally going to be higher. Does that mean that I have clue one of what I am doing in a raid? Nope, I would probably run around in circles chasing my own rear. I know that I am not the world's greatest player but still even I can see that gear score shows some work goes into your characters, but it is not the end all be all of inviting someone to a raid. I have seen folks show up in blues and greens to a raid and outperform someone who is wearing full epics. How does this happen? Well, because Mr Purple may have gathered gear, probably was carried through content, and has not clue what the hell they are doing. Yet the poor bum who has worked to get his own gear and learned his class will understand his own abilities and know where his limits are.

I don't know! The more I think about this stuff, the more I ask myself what the hell am I doing?

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