Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Very First Post

Hello and welcome to my blog about the World of Warcraft! I have debated for a very long time on if I should or should not blog. I have started to create several different blogs and then stopped short of publishing them. I have been an avid reader of blogs for quite some time now and enjoy the fresh (and not so fresh) perespectives that a lot of people bring to the table. I cannot guarantee that I will shed any new light on anything nor will I boast of ways to improve your overall game play. I simply want to talk about the things that I find of interet in this game.

As the title says I have a lot of alts scattered across three accounts and multiple servers. I am actually going to refrain from listing the names and even the servers I am on simply because I want to be able to be real and honest, which sadly I do not feel I could accomplish with listing that information. I will tell you that I have several level eighty characters. I consider myself somewhere between casual and hardcore in regards to my playstyle. I like to think of myself as an avid player. You know the type who shows up prepared, understands how to raid but just does not have the time to dedicate to playing as often as others. I get mad when people do stupid things. I do not like running with groups that speak in "leet" and I abore stupidity and ignorance.

If you think you like me so far then hang on, we will see if I can find something that you may not like. I am extremely moody and opinionated. So if you do not like that, you may want to find someone else's blog to read where they cator to good feelings and want you to feel nice and cozy, as if you were sitting next to a fire. If you wanted a visual of my blog, it would be like the old mansion at the end of the road where you see a lot of activity but have heard horrible stories about the old cranky man who lives there. Yeah, I am the old cranky man and this is my old rustic mansion. So if you think you can handle me, then come on in, dust of a spot somewhere and sit down and let's see where this goes to.


Ruhtra said...

Wow!?! I get to burst your blog cherry!

In all seriousness, I look forward to reading your blog. Best of luck!

RatherNotSay said...

Thanks for the warm wishes and breaking my cherry, now please never say anything like that to me again.

Nah just kidding, but thanks for reading my first post.