Friday, June 4, 2010

Return of the......Who Gives a Fuck?

So, I was reading through a couple hundred blogs and they were all a chit-chat with buzz about the return of one big red hairball. I tend to agree with The Noisy Rogue on this one. I like to read blogs that contain useful information and quite frankly this fat cat hasn't been dropping any useful information in quite some time. I am sure some folks find his shit comical and use the "tongue-n-cheek" excuse, but shit writing is shit writing in my opinion. Along that note, will you please stop fucking doing the 1-25 shit list. It is just fucking stupid (yes I have read it), sure it may be nice if there were hidden messages and we had a super decoder ring hidden away, but it does not and therefore it useless. Remember when Ol' Rather said he fucking hated useless blog posts? Well right now the fat cat is as useless as it gets.

I respected him when he left to get his life together. Do not get me wrong and yes he has written some good posts, but to proclaim him as the "ultimate Hunter" is just plain ludicrous. There was a lot of good Hunters before him, and there have been a lot of damn good Hunters since him. The way I look at it is who gives a fuck that the fat cat is back? Congrats and can we please get back to reading some useful information or at least sub-par reused/borrowed shit?

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