Thursday, April 1, 2010

Play The Damn Game!

Alright, so yesterday I sounded off on some fucking retarded fizzled drama. I am not going to revisit that since I have been told several times the matter is now closed (what happened to freedom of speech or making records public?); however, when I was whining about the sudden death of the feud, I reminded myself about a phrase that I fucking hate! "I pay my fifteen dollars and I have a right to play the game the way I want!"

I cannot begin to tell you all how much I hate that God damned fucking piece of shit phrase! Oh this is the point where I need to say that this post is going to contain language which may deemed inappropriate for some and reader discretion is advised. To me, when people use that fucking God awful phrase they are trying to talk their way out of shit. Guess what, your fucking fifteen dollars doesn't mean a damn thing! You cannot play the game the way you want because, A) It is Blizzards fucking game and they write the rules, and B) It is a massive MULTI-PLAYER online game! The first part is going to hit you dumb fucks who play on a PVP server and hate PVP. Guess what? If you do not want to deal with being ganked, corpse camped, stalked, hunted, killed, ran down, ran through, tortured, mocked for being bad, or any other negative connotation that comes with the term PVP, then get the fuck off of those servers. If you are on a fucking normal server and want to fucking duel every God damned motherfucker who walks out the fucking inn, then fucking go roll a character on a God damned PVP server. Oh and let's not forget the dumb fucks who want to grief someone on a role-playing sever! If you do not like role-playing, then why the fuck be there? You see, Blizzard tried to set all these different types of servers up to meet your God damned playstyle but you are way too fucking retarded to understand what the following bunch of letters represent: PVP, Normal, RP, and RPPVP! For fucking fuck's sake, either learn to understand the shit you are playing or go fucking shoot yourself so that we do not have to pay for your sorry ass on welfare......

Alright, sorry there about that! I tend to start raging and it just begins to flow. So anyway, back on topic for those whining people want to use the "I pay my blah blah blah" defence. I declare bullshit (or ?bollix? as I learned that means the same thing in the Queen's English) on you! First of all, the only time you hear this defence is when some dumb ass starts something they cannot win. Here comes my advice to you, stop paying the money for the fucking game and do us all a favor. (Sorry Blizzard, but we both know that the game is better off without them.) You see, typically this situation revolves around ganking/camping. Someone goes out and gets pissed so they bring in their "heavy" guns and one/two/three shots someone else's alt. That is all fair and I am in favor of some good old fashioned ganking going on! However, as soon as the pot is stirred and the retaliation starts, the "defence" card is played. Well guess what? Fuck you and your fifteen dollars. Add another five dollars to it and go get a cheap lap dance from the local strip club a blow job from the dirty ass ho that you call your "partner". To me. when you use the "defence", you are saying that you want everything your way or else we have to listen to a major bitchfest. Well guess what? I can see your bitch fest and raise you a fucking rage session on roids!

Now do not take this as Rather saying to go out and grief players who may not be playing the game according to the guidelines of your server. This is Rather saying that we all pay our fifteen dollars each and every fucking month to play the game to enjoy it. Some of us like to go out and fuck others over in PVP. Some of us are more into the "hardcore" end game raid scene. Others may want to think they are fucking Bill Gates by playing the auction house. While still others may only want to get on and role-play. To all of you Rather says, players play on! What Rather is not saying is to use your fifteen dollars per month to hide behind when you start some shit you can't handle. My advice is beg for mercy and try apologizing to those that you offended. That may or may not work, but by fucking God take responsibility for your God damned actions!

See that is really what I am driving home right there in that last sentence! In case you haven't yet gotten it (because I am extremely subtle), let ol' Rather clue you in.
"Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." - Newton
He was a pretty smart guy, and I suppose his laws apply to more than just motion huh? In other words, if you go out and randomly gank someone, then you have no defence against what reaction might occur. So my last piece of advice is to anyone who may consider ganking a low level toon and reading this, think about that opposite reaction that Newton clued us in about. If after you think about it and are prepared for the hell you may unleash, then Rather says players, play on!


Eus said...

Preach playa preach!

Anonymous said...

I am assuming that some of the references are a direct result of the previous post?

Oh well, doesn't matter. You make a good point, but just because you are on a PVP server should not give you a right to go out and hunt someone down. I am fine with PVP but creating KOS lists seems to be taking it a little too far.

Again I am assuming all of this is in regards to the previous post prior to this one. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems a little excessive in my opinion.

As for the overall thought of the post, yeah I have to agree using the $15 defence is rather cheep. (No pun intended).

Edyion said...

Now that is some damn fine rage right there. Makes me wish I had something to rage about with you. Damn my current empathy!