Tuesday, March 30, 2010

War of Words

Rather is back!! It has been a while since last time I went off and rest assured that I have plenty of good stuff to talk about and we are going to try our hardest to knock off this long ass list of items I have written down........or we can say fuck it and talk about a disappointing display of a blogging war! I am all about the drama and I call foul on Isolte and Eus! You two went to words, er war and Rather was looking forward to it. On one side we had an explosive keg of dynamite in Eus. Chick can rant and I love her rants. Very few people hold such rage that they can compare to me. On the other side is Isolte, who while not such an explosive personality, looks like she loves to throw some low blows against bad grammar!

So what has pissed me off about all this? I have nothing to do with either bloggers except reading their blogs. When you sit at work all day with nothing to do, you find a lot of blogs! It all started over the weekend with a random killing of some troll (or something like that). From what I gathered some members of Eus' guild stole a kill from Isolte?? (Did I do that justice?) This escalated into all out war that spilled over into their blogs.....for like two days. Then all of a sudden I check back this morning and all the posts are gone! Nothing is left. I cannot even get the names of those involved. There is no comments, no posts explaining the removal, no nothing! What the fuck?!?!?!

I demand answers! Seeings as I have no way to get them, I am going to answer for them. I feel this is the point where I need to throw down the disclaimer that this is going to be inapropriate for small children, adults, and anyone else who cares about correct grammar or is easily offended. If you fall into these categories, then why the fuck have you been reading my blog? Alright, so I am going off memory here, so don't hate me and don't bother to correct me because fiction is always a good read! I am lieing there, I would be willing to have any input....not!

So let's look at the root cause of the incident shall we? One person stole a kill from another! What the fuck? This is WoW! How many times has this happened and how many times have we been guilty of it? I know I have. I will not lie. Perhaps someone annoyed me with an action or I just wasn't paying attention. Honestly, I have never lost any sleep about. I have also not gone off the deep end about it. That is me though and I know I am unique. Whatever! So the kill is stolen, big whoop! I think Gevlon wrote a good topic on that and if I can find it I will link it. The whole idea of the post was that you are not entitled to anything in the game. Everyone pays the same price to play the game the way that they want to. That means if someone wants to be the villain and steal your kill, so be it. They pay for that pleasure.

Speaking of paying for that pleasure, a lot of people throw the "I pay my $15 to play the game the way I want to" when they do something like gank a lowbie. Which I believe is what happened. Isolte retaliated and killed a low level toon in the inn of their own factions town. Mind you, I have nothing against any sort of ganking. I am actually pro ganking. If you want to make an..... ah fuck that shit! If you go to cook something up, then you are going to end up breaking some eggs or some other shit you use to cook with. So kudos on the ganking of the lowbie. You definitely pissed off that guild I would say, well at least Eus. I find it wierd the other members of the guild did not come out and speak about the topic. Weird! Anyway, back to my thought on the whole subject of paying to play. I get so pissed when I hear that line as a defence for an action and then turned around used as a way to shame soemone else into not retaliating. It is a two way street and if you side swipe me, I am going to fuck your world up! Let me rephrase that, just like you pay your money to go out and get upset at a kill steal and then gank the offender, I pay my $15 to be a complete ass and proceed to corpse camp you.

So anyway, I am rambling again. The thing that seems shady to me (and I am not taking sides here belive it or not) is that Isolte just happened to have their main toons parked right there in the town? I mean, I take a higher level character and store it in the inn of the zone I am questing in, but that is in the same faction to deal with those who would gank. This situation seems more like premeditated ganking. Again, I support this but don't turn all scared little school girl and feign innocence! Step up and say that you fucking did it and what you going to do now about it? Instead it spiraled out of control into what eventually fizzled and was pulled down from all parties involved sites. Only those of us who happened to catch it right away were aware of this little short but comical war!

I suppose some sort of truce was called and no evidence of this altercation exists, but I sure as hell woudl love to know what happened? Did one side actually back down? Did they kiss and make up? Did the throw down and decided that was enough? I suppose I could go nose around the guild websites of the involved players, but that would require too much effort. Next time ladies, keep it public for the shits and grins of the rest of us. Well, that is all I have the time for today. Until next time people, keep on raging!

PS: I will update the links when I find some time.......if I find some time.

PSS: I updated the links of the two main bloggers, but have not been able to find the article of the green guy. Hell, maybe I was smoking some serious shit? Who knows, but if I find it I will update it. If not, maybe I have a new rant to take on of my own!


Eus said...

Hey Rather! Good to see you again. Missed you. Well, As per the "peace agreement" the matter is within guild only who are privy to that information, which is viewable to all the public. And as part of the "peace agreement", all pages about the incident have been taken down on my blog and the person in question.


Ruhtra said...

Rather, you amuse me buddy. You know I like you and respect your in-your-face attitude, but we have set this to rest and are moving forward instead of backward.


RatherNotSay said...

@ Eus - The matter is in guild and only privy to members? What?!? The prying public who craves drama would like to know more. :(

@ Ruhtra - I have an in-your-face attitude? Well, I cannot fault you for wanting to shut it down, but c'mon you could have let it go a little longer. Real drama is good stuff.

@ Everyone - While it is a guild only matter now it appears and we the public (or at least me) are not privy to it I do have one more thing to say that doesn't really matter for this but fits overall and I am going to post about it for you here in a few.